Need food, supplies and medication pick up?

Calgary Association of the Deaf has set up a  COVID-19 Response and Recovery Program since March 16, 2020.

We have set up a group of volunteers from throughout Calgary and Southern Alberta to help the Deaf community to have access to this essential service.  If you are in need of food, supplies and need assistance to pick up your medications.  Our volunteers are available to drop off food hampers, supplies and pick up your medication from the pharmacy to deliver it to your home.

We have implemented new protocols to all location in Calgary and Southern Alberta to ensure the safety of volunteers and clients. Volunteers will drop off food hamper, supplies and medications at your front door. Volunteer will text or use other form of communication to  you to notify you that it has arrived at your front door.  You are to quickly get your requested service from your front door and bring it inside of your home.  The volunteer will not be there to chat with you while you pick up your requested service provided.  The volunteer must carry on their duty to the next individual to deliver their requested service to be provided.

Please contact us to request this essential service to be provided to you and your family. Please use these following contact information to reach us. Please do not contact us for these essential services on Facebook. Thank you.

Calgary Association of the Deaf

Email:     VRS: 587-885-1756.   Text: 587-216-2378

FaceTime:  587-216-2378.   Duo: 587-216-2378