About Us

History of CAD Brief Timeline

1935 – Calgary Association of the Deaf was founded by John Kelly.

1972 – March 14, CAD becomes registered with Alberta Society Act

2019 – Calgary Association of the Deaf becomes a registered charity.

2019 – November, CAD purchased a new building to call CAD’s new home.

2020 – Calgary Association of the Deaf will celebrate its 85th Anniversary.


The primary purpose of the Calgary Association of the Deaf is to protect and promote the rights, needs and concerns of Deaf Calgarians while endeavoring to improve the quality of life for Deaf people in general.

We are working towards an accessible programs and services for the Deaf, late-deafened, Deaf-Blind, and Deaf with multiple disabilities in the primary language of American Sign Language.

Calgary Association of the Deaf is governed by Executive Board of Directors, members and volunteers.

Calgary Association of the Deaf collaborates with our affiliated associations of the Deaf at the local and provincial level. Our programs and services are provided to meet the needs of the Deaf community.


President: Jonathan Guinta

Vice President: Vacant

Secretary: Vacant

Treasurer: Loretta Wall

Director at Large: Norma Jean Taylor

Director at Large: Alikyaan Bahijee

Director at Large: Franco Mettimano

Director at Large: Jade Coultman

Director at Large: Vacant