The Deaf Seniors Outreach program helps to ensure isolated seniors stay connected with local Calgary Deaf community. Social isolation is a significant concerns for Deaf Calgary seniors and challenges such as deafness can further marginalize a senior. Many Deaf seniors in Calgary live alone or reside at a nursing home and have difficulty leaving their homes due to mobility and other health issues.  There are many seniors centres in Calgary, however, they are inaccessible to Deaf seniors due to a lack of accommodation for their communication. needs.

CAD has identified the needs of Deaf seniors in Calgary and implemented the Deaf Outreach Services to provide them with volunteer outreach services in their home. CAD volunteers are Deaf and fluent in American Sign Language and provides home visits, companionship, transportation assistance, assist seniors in the community to attend Deaf events, medical appointments or go shopping.   CAD recognized that Calgary Deaf seniors may lack the stamina or mobility to take care of home basic maintenance tasks such as changing light bulbs, sweeping floors or go shopping for groceries. Others require help to obtain resource information and access to government or health services.  This program offers seniors to remove social isolation  and can remain connected in their communities.