Deaf Support & Referral Services provide support to any individual, new immigrants and refugees, families and seniors who are Deaf and communicate in sign language. Our services is offered in American Sign Language for communication access to information and resources available in Calgary.  We help any individuals who are looking for assistance, support or referral to appropriate services. Deaf Support & Referral Services can provide advice and recommendations to help any Deaf individual navigate around issues and obstacle that they may face.  We can provide resources and direct you to internal resources and/or external organizations and partners.

Calgary Association of the Deaf works hard to educate local organizations, businesses, municipal and provincial governments and other relevant groups to increase the awareness, accessibility options and understanding the needs of Deaf Calgarians. Calgary Association of the Deaf will be setting goals to expand our Deaf programs and services to better meet the needs of our Deaf community. We would like to get your input and if possible, participation in planning activities that can strengthen the connectedness of the Calgary Deaf community. We will be inviting members and partners in the Deaf community in early Fall 2020 to participate in committees.

CAD offers to any individuals and families an opportunity to use and improve their social skills, participate in recreational or social activities with other Deaf individuals in American Sign Language environment and have the opportunity to experience Calgary Deaf community.

Please contact us to book an appointment should you need Deaf support.