Information and Deaf Resources



This section is meant to provide information of interest to the hearing and Deaf community about the wide range of information of the Deafness and the Deaf community.  Please help yourself to navigate through these guides, overviews, publications and other information resources that are available in Calgary by clicking the links below:


What is Deaf Culture?  Click here:Deaf Culture

What are the Deaf Terminology? Click here: Deaf Terminology

How do Deaf people communicate over the telephone? Click here:Canada Video Relay Services

Are employers required to provide employment accommodations? Click here: Employment Duty to Accommodate

How to get Employment Supports and Accommodations?  Click here: Disability Related Employment Support (DRES)

What is a Sign Language Interpreter and how do I book one? Click here: ASL Interpreter

What is a Video Remote Interpreting and how do I book one? Click here: Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)

How can I get mental health counselling provided in ASL? Click here: Counselling

How can I get funding for personal hearing assistive technology?  Click here: Funding

Is there a Deaf School in Alberta? Click here: Deaf School

Is there Deaf sports available to join?  Click here:  Deaf Sports

Is there a Deaf education scholarship available? Click here: Deaf Scholarship

What is Gallaudet University? Click here: Gallaudet University


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