CAD is fundraising for the new building fund to call CAD’s new home.  CAD needs to raise funds for new building expenses that is not covered by CAD’s Casino Fund.  CAD is responsible for covering other cost and have raised $15,000.00 to date.  We are still short of $5000.00 left to go. If you wish to donate, please click donate tab to donate funds for our new building. If you would like to order chocolates in time for Christmas, see below for more details.

CAD is hosting Purdy’s Chocolate Fundraiser to raise funds for CAD new building and operation cost We are getting closer to making it happen but we still need your support to raise more funds! It is brought back by the demands of CAD members. Please share with your friends and families.

For online orders with credit cards and e-transfers to Rytch at, place your orders here:

Virtual catalogue of Purdy’s Chocolate, click here:  PURDY CHOCOLATES

Order forms can be downloaded, click here: Order Forms

Please ensure you pay and submit your order by November 20, 2019.

Pick up your orders on December 7, 2019 at Deaf & Hear Alberta at 7 PM

If you wish to pay cash or cheque, please complete the form and contact Rytch at to make arrangement to pick up your orders